Large Order Deals Program

Toolkiss cater to a wide range of needs, from personal home to company or equipment order projects of enormous scale.
We can give you the cost-effective solutions. Each large order deals will let you save a large amount of money, Once you need for large purchase order, please contact us.


Q: What benefit do I get from this program?
A: Large orders often mean bigger discount. Orders in this program have the potential to save as much as a regular order, which depends on your quantity.

Q: How do I qualify for this program?
A: In order to qualify for this Large Order program, the only requirement is that your order should be a minimum of 50 pieces.

Q: How I qualify, how do I join the program?
Follow these steps:
Step 1: email us
Send email to with your answer to above questions.
 1. Your Name?
 2. Item SKU or Item Link?
 3. Item Quantity (Minimum of 50 Pieces)?
 4. Shipping Address?
 5. Zip Code?
 6. Your Phone Number?
Step 2: Confirmation
We will confirm the order information with you via email or phone within 48 hours, and reply you with the discount coupon that you can use to order.
Step 3: Place order with the biggest discount
You can use the exclusive code to place an order.

Please contact us for detailed information or any questions about Large Order.

Plus, remember you'll get free delivery and exclusive discount on every order!