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30 in. W x 36 in. H LED Diamond Cut Frameless Anti-Fog Wall Bathroom Oval Mirror Front Light

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This bathroom mirror glass is made with a diamond cut process, and the edges of each piece of glass are hand polished by workers. The benefit of the diamond polygonal shape is that it refracts the bathroom reflection and will even refract monochromatic light into a seven-color light like a diamond, perfect for luxury bathroom decorating style.

  • Anti-flog and energy-saving: the mirror power switch and anti-fog switch are separate control, turn on the anti-fog switch when necessary, safe and energy-saving, this built in anti-fogging function means no need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower
  • Simply touch the round button for seconds to change light intensity from normal to brightest
  • Choose between 3 light temperatures (white-white warm-warm) with one touch
  • Can use the wall switch to control the on/off of the mirror light
  • Defogger will stop automatically after 60-minutes of continuous operation to prevent any damage caused by prolonged high temperature
  • Accurately reflection: true 90 plus CRI and high lumen light offers perfect reflection for your daily routine
  • Super-sensitive touch button: with the super-sensitive touch button you can turn on or off the light, instant on, no flicker, no UV, mercury free light, the mirror combines optimal brightness, accurate color and remarkable clarity, so you can start your day in a better light
  • Long life of use - LED lifetime: over 50,000-hours (using the mirror 3-hours a day means it will last 45-years), copper free environmentally friendly materials are used with silvered reflection layer
  • Hanging both horizontally and vertically: USA design to be environmentally friendly, supports horizontal or vertical suspension according to need, equipped with wall hardware and screws that can be hung, and normal installation about 5 - 10-minutes
  • Shatterproof and corrosion proof - will you worried about the breakage of the mirror glass and the relative troubles, our mirror is made from stronger glass, that is armored glass, it will not get broken easily, even it is broken, it will not shatter to piece, no harm, more safe to use, with epoxy coat, this mirror is corrosion proof, it will not get corroded after 30-days acid test
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  • Mirror Width Medium (20-40 in.)
    Product Height (in.) 36 in
    Product Width (in.) 30 in
    Thickness (In.)  0.19 in

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